Over the time I've been creating some small projects as learning tools or to later use as part of my daily job

rc-service logo-github logo-npm logo-react logo-typescript

React Context Services is a small (less than 1kb), dependency injection and state management made easy

react-showof logo-github logo-npm logo-react logo-typescript

React-showof is a small (less than 500b) and opinionated component to help with (un)mounting transitions.

date-input-manager logo-github logo-typescript

Manage input state, allowing to create easy to use inputs for writing dates

staticmaps-react logo-github logo-react logo-typescript

Render simple static maps with react, supporting Polygons, Markers and Overlay images Made as a side project, never published on npm, but very used inside company code.

openapi2ts logo-github logo-typescript

Generate typescript files for models and definitions from swagger 2 json files