Porfírio Ribeiro

Hello there! My name is Porfírio, I am a self taught software developer from Portugal

Shifted career from Farming to Development 5 years ago to follow my dream, becoming a software developer. Today I am the head of development and manage a team of 3 people.

Started as a frontend developer with JavaScript, SASS and React, but later also got into backend development with Java/Kotlin and Spring framework. Becoming more full stack developer. Also did the mobile app of the company with Dart and Flutter.

During this learning journey, I created some small libraries that I share on GitHub and NPM and collected some resources I want to share.

My first (and only) public speaking was at a meetup where I talk about a investigation I was doing with Preact by adding a new API to write components based on Vue Composition API.

You can follow me on GitHub, Twitter, Linkedin or send me an email at [email protected]