About this website

For a long time I've been willing to make a website and a blog for myself. I ended up trying every new and shine technology that appear to make the website.
But then I got lost on engineering the site so much that I ended up quitting it, or another shining piece of tech appears.

I think I first make the website in PHP. I was learning it, and liked all the fancy stuff you could do. So I created all this big MVC system, with database layer, controllers and fancy stuff. But it never saw the light.
Later I started learning more about JavaScript and heard about Ghost. I remember making some stuff on it, but haven't got too far.

I started working as a frontend developer with React, so when I heard about Gatsby I was all in. I made the company website in it, so I also decided to do my website and blog on it. Had the structure but then got with CMS and stuff I could use to publish to my empty blog, and ended up loosing attention on it.

Mostly because I found Svelte, and I fall in love with it right a way. Even tho I barely used Svelte professionally, it soon became one of my favorite frontend frameworks.
So I started a new site with Sapper, the Gatsby/Next framework like of Svelte. It was very nice to work, apart from some quirks, felt allot better than working with Gatsby and React. But then...

Last year Rich Harris announced the born of a new framework for Svelte, that would be a better Sapper, with better API's and integrations. I promptly started to build a new website and a blog with it for exploring it's capacities, even being a beta technology.

At some point I wanted to have a site with some content about me, so I decided to stop over-engineering stuff and build a quick website, just with some information about me, who I am and what I did.
Pretty simple, no fancy animations and stuff, just focused on content first. Later I hope to make it more pretty and responsive, add a blog and maybe over-engineer some things.